Rachel McCartney

Rachel McCartney has graced Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and New York City audiences since 1994. Known to Boston fans as a street performer and subway entertainer, her stage experience includes the Lizard Lounge, Kendall Cafe and historic Club Passim. Sold out headlining shows at Club Passim were often, but she also opened for well known artists such as Ellis Paul and Willie Porter. Rachel has also participated in countless Passim Cutting Edge Campfire festivals.

Rachel is respected among her peers and it's not uncommon to see her collaborate with other accomplished artists. Her live performance is physically and emotionally engaging – the power and beauty of her voice astounding. During her days as a Pittsburg, PA resident, Rachel was favored at local Pittsburgh venues, opening shows for Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Susan Werner, and David Gray. 

Songs from Rachel's album, "Eye On The Horizon" are featured in Who Knew Productions' award-winning independent film "The Bread, My Sweet". More recent albums, “Interim” and “New Days Nightly” showcased Rachel’s ever-evolving songwriting skills as “physical and cinematic, showing the power of a Sinead Lohan fused with stately, melodic echoes of Neil Young” (Steve Morse, The Boston Globe 2002).

After a brief musical hiatus to pursue a career as a Registered Nurse and start a family, Rachel returned to music showing that her ability to weave melody and word into song never missed a beat. Now living in a small New Hampshire town, Rachel ecstatically found herself in a community of vibrant and talented musicians, now known as Rachel McCartney & The Crown Point Royals. The Crown Point Royals are a revolving member band of banjos, fiddles, upright bass, and more. Amanda Kowalski, Cecil Abels, Scott Donnelly, Ellen Carlson, and Dave Talmage all grace the stage with Rachel, at one time or another. New songs and a new band eventually result in a new album. Stay tuned!